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Khalil Abdel-Karim
Born Aswan, Egypt
Nationality Egyptian
Occupation Writer
Spouse Soraya Abbas Nasser
Children Nabawia Khalil
Mohamed Khalil
Aisha Khalil
Fatima Khalil
Abdel-Karim Khalil
Parents Abdel-Karim Nasser


Khalil Abdel-Karim (خليل عبد الكريم Arabic) was born in Aswan City in Upper Egypt.

Mr. Khalil Abdul-Karim joined the Muslim Brotherhood in his youth. After attaining his high school diploma he traveled to Cairo to study Law and he graduated from Cairo University (then, Fouad the First University). He then joined the Lawyers Syndicates. He spent two year as a trainee lawyer at the office of prominent Muslim Brotherhood lawyers. These were Mr. Abdul-Qader ‘Udda (the under-secretary of the society) and Ibrahim al-Taib (the head of the special apparatus of the society). Both were executed in 1954 following al-Manshia attack on the then Egyptian President, Gamal Abdul Nasser. As for Mr. Abdul-Karim, he was detained in the Military Prison for a number of months. He was detained for a second time in 1965 following the discovery of an organization by Sayyid Qutb. He spent his detention at Liman Turah (which is known as the ‘al-Mazra’ah).

After his release following his first detention, Mr. Abdul-Karim started his law-practice office. And ever since he has been loyal to his beliefs and convictions and that is why he never accepted any case connected to drugs, or any other ethically doubtful case.

Abdul-Karim has been a practicing lawyer in a popular quarter in Cairo. The location of his office is intended to be within the disadvantaged people, in order to raise their awareness about law and their rights, and to serve them.

Mr. Abdul-Karim is prominent in the defense of cases related to freedom of speech and thought. He was the head of the defense team (Primary and Appeal Courts) in the case of Professor Nasr Abu Zayd who was sued for ridda (apostasy from Islam) and for separation from his wife.

He continued his social work and was the deputy president of the biggest branch of ‘the legal society for co-operation of people who abide by the Qur’an and the Sunna’. A society which was concerned with social work, and had various branch was the biggest in Egypt and not only in Cairo.

When al-tajam’ party was formed, he joined it as an ordinary member until he was promoted as a leading member. He was first promoted as a member to ‘the general assembly’ and then to the central committee a position which he still holds. He joined al-tajam’ party because its value were close to his convictions it is a party which calls for social justice democracy freedom and holds a progressive view towards religion

For years he wrote weekly Islamic articles to the party’s newspaper {Al Ahali}. In addition, he for years wrote a monthly article to the party’s { El yassar }, under the heading ” Islam not Priesthood”. And in a survey conducted by the party the participants voted him the favorite [ and most read ] writer


Books of Khalil Abdel Karim: All in Arabic with some translations:

  • "For Applying Shari'a not for Governing"
  • "Man-women Relationship during the prophetic and caliphate periods the soiciety of yathrib"
  • "The Historical roots of Islamic shari'a"
  • "qurayish: from tribe to state"
  • "Islam between the civil and islamic state"
  • "Shadou Rababa bi ahwal mujtama'al-sahaba"
  • "The Arabs and the women"
  • "The state of yathreb The year of Delegates"
  • "Against the fundamentalism of Islamists"
  • "The Eslabished period of Mohamed"
  • "The Founding Concepts of the Islamic Left"

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