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Kent/Sussex Detoxification Center, is a state funded, 20 bed medical facility in the SAMSHA Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs category. The facility is located in Ellendale, Delaware in the former Ellendale public school on Main Street. This facility is one of only two detoxification centers in the state, with the other being Kirkwood Detox Center. In 2005, the facility serviced an average of 14.8 patients per day and in 2006 the facility serviced an average of 12.2 patients per day.

The detox center was a part of a controversy in September 2006 when a man called the medical facility to learn about being admitted for alcohol abuse. When the staff learned he only had Medicaid, he was denied treatment as the state-funded facility did not accept Medicaid at that time. Two days later, his body was discovered as he had hanged himself in his backyard the night he had been denied entry into the program.


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