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Rev. Joseph J. Guido is a psychology professor at Providence College and Roman Catholic priest who is noted for his documentary research on clerical sex abuse cases.

Awareness of abuse

Guido surveyed superiors of a Catholic religious order and found that:

  • In North America: 83 percent of the superiors reported being aware of an accusation of sexual abuse against one or more of their priests.
  • In Latin America and the Caribbean, 43 percent.
  • In Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America only one-third of the superiors reported being aware of such an accusation..

Cultural factors of abuse

In Jesuits' weekly America magazine Guido wrote that his "research suggests [...] that the sexual abuse of children by priests is a problem for the church everywhere."[1] Guido further claimed, sexual abuse scandals unrevealed in the English-speaking world since 1980s cost church "hundreds of millions of dollars and immeasurable goodwill", though leading religious order officials outside the North America were "more likely to be aware of sexual misconduct by priests with adults, rather than children." [2]

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