Jen Dugan is an American activist and writer. She is the founder of several national movements including the You-Are-Loved Chalk Message Project[1], Dreams Untitled, [2] and the Love Takes Over Campaign.[3]

She is an alumna of Drew University.[4]

Activist Philosophy

Dugan's philosophy is founded on the principles of compassion and open dialogue. Her work focuses on the small actions individuals can take to make a positive difference in society. She seeks to connect people's passions to activism, frequently encouraging writers, musicians, and artists to use their talents to create change.

Furthering the notion that small actions can go far, Dugan's campaigns have caught the attention of national news sources and organizations alike. [5]

National Projects & Campaigns

You-Are-Loved Chalk Message Project

Dugan was best known at Drew University for writing the words, "You are Loved" in pink sidewalk chalk.[6] She began doing this in 2005 after a coping with a series of tragic events.[7] The chalk writings were later turned into a campus project for the Alliance, the student-led Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) group at Drew University[8]. Among her many leadership roles at Drew, Dugan led the Alliance from 2005-2008.

After her graduation, Dugan launched the You-Are-Loved Chalk Message Project as a national campaign raising awareness about suicide-statistics and suicide-prevention in the LGBTQ youth community.[9][10][11] The project is now a recognized, annual event observed by activist organizations, schools[12], and universities[13][14] across America.[15][16]

The You-Are-Loved Chalk Message Project remains Dugan's most recognizable campaign.

Dreams Untitled

A common theme throughout Dugan's activism has been connecting one's passions with the greater good. In 2009, she unveiled Dreams Untitled. Dreams Untitled is a national suicide-prevention awareness campaign that uses artwork to create "visions of hope for the future."[17]

Dreams Untitled comes from a journal entry in which Dugan scribbled the words, "“So many dreams, experiences, and good things are yet to come in life. The future is filled with dreams still left untitled.”

Dreams Untitled is a national[18] event observed by suicide-prevention advocates[19] and artists[20].

Love Takes Over Campaign

Concerned about the effects of anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and the rising costs of the marriage equality fight in America, Dugan launched the Love Takes Over Campaign.[3] The Love Takes Over Campaign encouraged citizens to write into their local newspapers in support of marriage equality at the same time.[21][22] The goal of the campaign was to turn people away from costly political campaign rhetoric and open up honest dialogue[23] about LGBTQ equality in small communities across America.

Love Takes Over took place during the week of January 3-9, 2010[24][25] and was met with great success. The campaign brought in Op-Eds for equality from a diversity of small towns and big cities in America.

Nationwide Equality Prom

In response to news reports of high school students being barred from taking same-sex dates to prom, Dugan launched a Nationwide Equality Prom in 2010.[26] The event encouraged thousands of participants to dress up in evening wear as a way to show support for LGBTQ students.[27]

We Will Light Your Path

We Will Light Your Path is Dugan's newest campaign. We Will Light Your Path seeks to prevent bullying and suicide among American youth and college students.[28]


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