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James P. Wickstrom (born 1942) is a far right radio talk-show host as well as a Christian Identity minister, who resides in Rhodes, Michigan. He is known for his strong opinions on racial issues, globalization, and Jews. He is also noted to be intensely anti-communist.


Periodically, Wickstrom has publicly written racially inspired articles, as well as operating as a pastor within Christian Identity organizations. In 1980, Wickstrom ran unsuccessfully in Wisconsin as a conservative candidate for U.S. Senator.


Wickstrom derives his beliefs from his interpretation of the Christian Bible. He preaches what he refers to as Two Seedline Racial Covenant Identity, an ideology which among other things, postulates that the Caucasian race is the only race made in the image of God, and thus is the only racial group possessing a soul. Furthermore, people of Jewish descent are not considered the "children of God", but rather the children of Satan. Wickstrom categorically rejects the Jewish religious doctrine which states that Jews are "God's chosen people", stating that in fact members of the "white western, European" race are the actual Israelites referred to in the Christian Bible. According to Wickstrom, any person with any trace of Jewish ancestry is automatically condemned to eternal damnation.

Current Activity

Wickstrom currently hosts a weekly internet radio talk show, Yahweh's Truth on the Turner Radio Network. During the show, Wickstrom often has a limited number of guest speakers, where the topic is predominantly his perception of a communist, Zionist mandate operating in the United States whose goal is to destroy the Aryan nations, or nations where Caucasians are the ethnic majority. According to Wickstrom, this goal is to be seen out through authoritarian and corrupt financial practices, multiculturalism, media infiltration, race-mixing and globalization. As well, he invites his listeners to call in to speak their views on world issues, which are typically similar to Wickstrom's. Wickstrom is known to be affiliated with neo-nazi groups such as the American group widely known as Aryan Nations. In fact, he frequently has guests on his radio talk show from this and other affiliated groups.


Wickstrom's frequent and intensely violent rhetoric has drawn the attention of such activist groups as the Southern Poverty Law Center, as well as the Anti-Defamation League. Wickstrom frequently indicates his desire for the Jewish people to endure a second holocaust, as well as his desire for the assassination of certain members of the United States Government, particularly those he views to be in collaboration with those who seek to enable a communist takeover of the United States.

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