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Jabukovac killings
Location Jabukovac, Serbia
Date July 27, 2007
5:30 p.m.
Attack type Mass murder, spree shooting
Weapon(s) Hunting rifle
Deaths 9
Injured 3
Perpetrator Nikola Radosavljević

The Jabukovac killings occurred July 27, 2007, when the villager Nikola Radosavljević took a hunting rifle and shot dead five men and four women in the Serbian village of Jabukovac, near the border with Romania and Bulgaria. Three other people were injured, two of them seriously.

Police used helicopters to find Nikola Radosavljević, who was traced to a nearby cemetery. He was injured but his condition was not life threatening.


At 5:00 PM, Nikola was eating with his wife Jelena. After an argument he punched her in the face and Jelena fell down. Nikola jumped into a well. By 5:30 PM, Dragoslav Badžikić got him out of the well. A few minutes later, Radosavljević got his hunting rifle and walked out into the street.

Radosavljević then shot and killed a number of people in the vicinity. On the street at one point, Radosavljević met an older woman. He asked her in Romanian if she practiced magic. When she said no, he let her live.

At 1:30 AM the following day, Radosavljević was arrested and taken to Niš hospital. He was subsequently taken to a prison mental hospital in Belgrade where he was pronounced insane. He is currently serving a lifetime sentence in the same facility.

List of victims

  • House number 87 - Veljko Đorđević (58), Marina Kutkuregović (70) his mother in law, and Dragan Đorđević (22).
  • Branislav Borongić (57) and Draginja Borongić (55).
  • Pera Vujić, Radosavljević's cousin, wounded.
  • House number 83 - Srđan Badžikić (15) and wounded Siniša Badžikić (36).
  • Branislav Badejević (22) and wounded Vanuca Badejević (70).
  • House number 71 - he shot dead Jelica Banković (37).
  • House number 80 - he shot dead the mother-in-law of his brother, Anika Čogić (62).

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