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Isabella McDougall Frankau (died May 1967), née Robertson, was a British psychiatrist who specialised in alcohol and drug addiction.

Some commentators have described her as a London-based "society doctor",[1] credited with single-handedly transforming British drug policy from considering drug addiction as an illness, to be treated, to one of considering addicts as criminals, to be punished.[2]

After the death of her first husband Gordon Cunningham she married the eminent surgeon Claude Frankau (1883–1967) in 1935.[3][4] When her husband was knighted in the 1945 New Years Honours[5] Isabella Frankau became known as "Lady Frankau" in accordance with accepted usage.[6]

As Dr Isabella Robertson, she was one of the first researchers at the Maudsley Hospital, initially working with Frederick Mott and Frederick Golla on the physical basis of psychoses.[7][8][9][10] During World War II she worked at Cambridge University's Psychological Laboratory on the use of dietary supplements to improve the physical performance of servicemen.[11] In the early 1950s she researched the use of subconvulsive electroshock therapy treatment for alcoholism.[12][13]


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