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Template:Infobox Union The International Union of Sex Workers (IUSW) is a United Kingdom based trade union for sex workers. It campaigns for the decriminalisation of prostitution, and to have sex work acknowledged as viable labour. In 2002, members voted to affiliate with the GMB, a general workers union. The union now has official recognition as the sex industry branch of the GMB.[citation needed] Some of the services offered by the union include: self-defense classes, free legal advice and training for members who wish to leave the sex industry.

The union was formed in 2000 partly as a response to actions taken by Westminster City Council in London to try and remove prostitutes from the area. The union publishes a quarterly bulletin entitled "RESPECT!".

The International Union of Sex Workers supports the x:talk Project, which provides free English classes to migrant sex workers in London.

They are a member of Backlash, which was formed in 2005 in order to oppose a new law criminalising possession of "extreme pornography". Since 2009 Thierry Schaffauser is president of the GMB branch, Adult Entertainment&IUSW.

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