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The HowardCenter of Vermont provides human services to the state. The headquarters are in Burlington, Vermont.

There is a drug or alcohol rehabilitation center with a primary focus on substance abuse treatment. The treatment center provides residential short-term treatment care. There are special groups and programs for women. Reimbursements are from Medicare, state financed insurance, private insurance, and military insurance. Payment assistance is offered on a sliding fee scale.[1]

The organization maintains three separate 24 hour,7 day a week hotline for crises involving children and families, adults, and alcohol and drug crisis intervention.[2]


An original founding organization started in the 1870s to provide aid to women and children left destitute by the Civil War. In 1994, the Baird Center, the Champlain Drug and Alcohol Center, and the Howard Center for Human Services merged into one organization.[3]


The agency receives 90% of its $60 million budget from the state. It is the 13th largest employer in the state of Vermont. There are 1,100 employees; 850 work full time.[4]

The following are key personnel:

  • Executive Director - Todd Centybear
  • Medical Director - Sandra Steingard
  • Psychiatrist - Joseph Lasek
  • Division Director - Robert Bick.
  • Division Director - Marie Zura
  • Division Director - Catherine Simonson
  • Director - Charles Stringer
  • Director - Lorraine Jenne[4]

2009 salaries were as follows:

  • Executive Director - $160,881
  • Medical Director - $125,278
  • Psychiatrist - $119,423
  • Division Director - $97,062 to $99,298
  • Directors - $93,584 to $96,615[4]


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