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This article is about the first edition of Hate Groups: Opposing Viewpoints; for the second edition see Hate Groups: Opposing Viewpoints (2001); for the third edition see Hate Groups: Opposing Viewpoints (2004)..

Hate Groups: Opposing Viewpoints is a book in the Opposing Viewpoints series examining the issue of hate groups: whether hate crimes are a serious problem; whether certain groups promote hate and violence; whether the militia movement presents a serious threat; and how hate crimes and terrorism can be reduced. It was edited by Tamara L. Roleff, with assistant editors Brenda Stalcup and Mary E. Williams

It was published by Greenhaven Press (San Diego) in 1999 as a 192-page hardcover (ISBN 1-56510-943-0) and paperback (ISBN 1-56510-942-2).


Chapter Viewpoint Author Notes
Why Consider Opposing Viewpoints?
Chapter 1: Are Hate Crimes a Serious Problem? 1: Hate Crimes Are a Serious Problem Karen McGill Lawson and Wade Henderson
2: Many Hate Crimes Are Hoaxes Kevin Alfred Strom
3: Hate Crime Statistics Are Misleading Joseph E. Fallon
4: The Definition of Hate Crimes Should Be Expanded Bill Clinton
5: The Definition of Hate Crimes Should Not Be Expanded Linda Bowles
6: Black Church Burnings Are a Serious Hate Crimes Problem Melvin Talbert and Joan Brown Campbell
7: Black Church Burnings Are Not a Serious Hate Crimes Problem Mindszenty Report
8: Hate Speech is a Serious Hate Crimes Problem Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic
9: Hate Speech is Not a Serious Hate Crimes Problem William Luther Pierce
Chapter 2: Do Certain Groups Promote Hate and Violence? 1: White Supremacist Groups Promote Hate and Violence Loretta Ross
2: Anti-Hate Groups Promote Hate William Luther Pierce
3: Individuals Are Responsible for Most Hate Crimes Jack Levin and Jack McDevitt
4: The Military Attracts Violent Bigots Carl Rowan
5: The Military Does Not Attract Violent Bigots Togo D. West, Jr.
Chapter 3: Does the Militia Movement Present a Serious Threat? 1: The Militia Movement Presents a Serious Threat John M. Swomley
2: The Militia Movement Does Not Present a Serious Threat Husayn Al-Kurdi
3: The Militia Movement Threatens the Government Kenneth S. Stern
4: The Militia Movement Does Not Threaten the Government David Kopel
Chapter 4: How Can Hate Crimes and Terrorism Be Reduced? 1: Personal Responsibility Can Help Reduce Hate Crimes Armstrong Williams
2: Focused Community Action Can Help Reduce Hate Crimes Klanwatch
3: Antiterrorism Legislation Will Reduce Terrorism Orrin Hatch
4: Antiterrorism Legislation Will Not Reduce Terrorism David Finkel
5: Restrictions on Violent Speech Would Reduce Domestic Terrorism Cass R. Sunstein
6: Open Debate Would Reduce Domestic Terrorism Virginia I. Postrel
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