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Hana no Himei (Scream of Flowers) is a hentai game from Tea Time.


Eiji Sano(his real name is Souji Sano) is an illegal son of a rich man, Namishina. His father has died, and his legal son, Eiji older brother ~ Souichiro Namishina, inherited all his money and property, including a mansion in the countryside. Knowing that your brother has left the country, he arrive at the mansion and rape every girls he meets...


Hana no Himei is linear, has 5 chapters, a chapter for each girl. After a series of pre-rendered images with text, you enter an exploration mode, where you'll have to walk around the mansion, find some items and also find the girl who is hiding from you. Once you find the girl, you enter a 'chase mode', where you'll have to chase and catch the girl. Pressing and holding mouse buttons will make you attempt to overpower the girl, and deplete her health.

Once she runs out of HP, a 3D interactive sex scene begins. You can choose to interact with the girl by selecting various menu choices (sexual positions, touching body parts, etc.), or by physically interacting with the girl, pressing and dragging the mouse in the appropriate motion.


There are many possible negative outcomes to the game,include the condition if player failed to find or overpower the girl before time runs out.

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