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Guba mass grave - mass grave of victims of Armenian Dashnaks and Bolsheviks during the March days of 1918 in Guba (Azerbaijan).

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Mass grave in Guba

Mass grave was discovered while constructing a stadium in Guba in mid-April 2007. After that, an expedition group was formed and an archeological excavation conducted. During the excavations bones of approximately 400-600[1] people, including those of over 50 children and 100 women, were uncovered. The killings of civilians were done on the orders of Bolshevik leader, ethnic Armenian Stepan Shahumian.[2]

In 2008 Lluís Maria De Puig, President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, visited this mass cemetery commemorating the massacre of the peaceful population and said that he was horrified.[3]

Construction of a museum at the site of the mass grave is being planned. An initial amoun of AZN 1 million will be allocated for the construction.

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