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Golbarg Bashi (Template:Lang-fa), born in Ahvaz, Iran, is an Iranian-Swedish feminist professor of Iranian Studies at Rutgers University in the United States [1]. Among other topics, Bashi has published works and given public talks about human rights in the Middle East and the situation of women in Iran.


Golbarg Bashi was born in Iran, raised in Sweden, and educated in the British Russell Group universities of Manchester and Bristol and obtained her doctorate degree from the Ivy league Columbia University in New York City. Her doctoral research focused on a feminist critique of the human rights discourse in Iran. She is married to Columbia University professor, Hamid Dabashi.

Bashi has been a member of the Green Party of Sweden where she was elected in 2002 as an executive member of the party's Women's Committee[1]. She was also selected as a candidate for the Greens in the Swedish municipal elections for the city of Kramfors in 2002[2].


In April 2010, Golbarg Bashi launched Brainquake together with Duke University's Negar Mottahedeh in response to Boobquake.


Among other topics, Bashi has published works about the situation of women in Iran.

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