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Glinciszki massacre refers to a mass murder that occurred on 20 June 1944 in the village of Glitiškės (Template:Lang-pl). In the massacre, thirty-seven mostly Polish villagers were killed by Nazi subordinated Lithuanian policemen retaliating for the death of four policemen (from the 258th Police battalion)[1] that occurred during a fight with element of the 5th Brigade of the Polish resistance of Armia Krajowa earlier that day.[2]

The commander of the company of the 258th battalion ordered 10 villagers to be killed for every Lithuanian casualty in his unit.[2] Ironically he was arrested by the Germans, because one of the victims was employed by the German administration.[1] He would be eventually tried and executed by the German authorities.[3]

The massacre triggered an act of revenge by Polish partisans against Lithuanian policemen and civilians in Dubingiai (20 to 27 Lithuanian civilians would perish).[4]


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