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On 23 September 1942 the Germans shot in Ukrainian village Kortelisy and 20 other villages 2.875 people (1.620 of them children). [1]

In the second half of March 1943 after the Third Battle of Kharkov the Germans arrested and shot 2.500 Soviet civilians from Kharkov. [2]

On 19 October 1943 the Germans killed in three Ukrainian villages (Leninskij, Djjaki and Vdovin Hutor) 1.070 soviet civilians. [3]

On 11 April 1944 the Germans shot in the city of Staryi Krym (Crimea) 584 soviet civilians. [4]

On 9 April 1944 the Germans shot in the village Kujaljnik of Oblast Odessa until 400 civilians. [5]

In the Russian village Krasuha on 27 November 1943 280 civilians were burned alive. [6]

In the Ukrainian village Ozerjany on 19 March 1943 267 civilians were burned alive. [7]

In the Belorussian village Matrenovka on 20 May 1943 253 civilians were burned. [8]

In Ukrainian city Bila Tserkva in January 1944 the Gestapo burned 250 civilians. [9]

Crimes against spiritually ill people

On 20 November 1941 the Germans poisoned 1.500 spiritually ill people in Nikoljskoe of Oblast Leningrad. [10]

On 21-22 November 1941 the Germans shot 435 spiritually ill people in Strelechje of Oblast Kharkov. [11]


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