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Georgiy Shchokin (ukr.: Гео́ргій Васи́льович Що́кін) (born May 27, 1954, in Zaporizhzhya is a controversial Ukrainian (of Russian ethnicity) businessman, sociologist, psychologist and a politician noted in particular for his antisemitic and pro-Russian views. He is also the founder and owner of MAUP (a controversial private college, noted for its close ties with David Duke and other Holocaust deniers).


Schokin graduated in 1981 from the Кyiv Pedagogical Institute.

He is the founder and owner of the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management.

Shchokin heads the Ukrainian "Miloserdiye" Foundation. He is a part owner and vice-president of the two vanity presses - International Biographical Centre (UK) and American Biographical Institute that have been described as scam operations.[1][2],[3][4].


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