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Template:Psychology sidebar The Firestone Assessment of Violent Thoughts (FAVT) is a psychiatric assessment tool published by PAR in 2008 by Robert W. Firestone and Lisa Firestone designed to predict violent thoughts that may ultimately lead to violent behavior [1][2]. The FAVT can be given in interview format by a psychological professional or in written format and is administered in 15 minutes [3]. FAVT items are organized into five levels and two theoretical subscales. These levels and subscales allow a better understanding of the individual in order to offer more targeted treatment[4].


  • 1 Paranoid/Suspicious
  • 2 Persecuted Misfit
  • 3 Self-Depricating/Pseudo-Independent
  • 4 Self-Aggrandizing
  • 5 Overly Aggressive

Theoretical Subscales

  • 1 Instrumental/Proactive Violence
  • 2 Hostile/Reactive Violence

Development and Research

The FAVT is a brief self-report assessment tool established on the principle that one's thought processes influence one's potential for violent behavior [5]. Psychologists Dr. Robert W. Firestone and Dr. Lisa Firestone developed the concept of an inner "voice" within a person's mind which commentatates and criticizes the individual and others, and this voice plays a role in violent thoughts [6]. The "voice" and subsequent violent thoughts prime violent behavior and can be used to assess risk factor for violent and aggressive behavior.[7][8].

The research process in designing the FAVT included data gathered on 639 prisoners, parolees, and domestic violence perpetrators [9]. The Glendon Association's research has found that the FAVT can be used to distinguish between violent and nonviolent individuals [10][11][12][13]. A pilot study was performed and results indicated that the FAVT was able to distinguish between adolescents with a history of violence and those without such a history[14].


The Firestone Assessment of Violent Thoughts - Adolescent (FAVT-A) uses the same principles and research as the FAVT, but is designed for adolescents ages 11–18 years [15]. The 35 FAVT-A items are organized into the same five levels and two theoretical subscales as the FAVT[16].

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