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Template:Infobox single "Face Down" is the first single by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus from their debut album Don't You Fake It. The song has peaked at #24 in the United States and #4 in New Zealand, as well as #10 on the Pop 100, #3 on Alternative Songs, and #20 on the Hot Digital Tracks. Four different versions, including an acoustic version, were released.

Music video

The music video for "Face Down" parallels the song in its treatment of violence in a relationship. After arriving home, a young woman examines a bruise on her lower back, and begins to look for and examine items that she associates with her boyfriend (i.e. pictures, a card, letters). As she does so, objects around her start to suddenly move as if thrown or destroyed by the unseen hand of an abuser. The level of damage done escalates throughout the video, though the young woman does not react or acknowledge the growing violence around her. After a chair flies through the living room window, she takes the pictures and letters and throws them into a garbage can outside her house. This unfolding scene is juxtaposed with shots of the band performing the song in a living room with lighting and decor which appear to be the young woman's.

Acoustic and demo versions

Template:Infobox single An acoustic version of "Face Down" was released after the album version. The lyrics are unchanged, however a previously unheard guitar part supplements the song. This version is available on iTunes and the "deluxe edition" of Don't You Fake It. The version on the single is the same as on Don't You Fake It. There is also a heavier version of the song that appears on the album. The lyrics are unchanged but the chorus is in a different spot. The most notable difference is how the lyrics are screamed, and it sounds very distinctive in comparison to the later radio version with the screaming removed. On iTunes, there is a fourth version under the album of AOL Sessions Undercover-EP. This is technically a live acoustic version of the song.


Year Chart Peak
2006 U.S. Alternative Songs 3
2006 U.S. Mainstream Rock Tracks 38
2007 U.S. Hot 100 24
2007 U.S. Pop 100 10
2007 U.S. Hot Digital Tracks 20
2007 U.S. Top 40 Mainstream 10
2007 U.S. Pop 100 Airplay 13
2007 Canadian BDS Airplay 84
2007 New Zealand Singles Chart 4

Pop culture references

  • The song was used in an episode of the seventh season of the Canadian teen drama Degrassi: The Next Generation.
  • "Face Down" is also featured in Saints Row 2. It can be heard on 89.0 GenX / ULTOR FM.
  • The song is also featured in the video game MX vs. ATV: Untamed.
  • The song is heard in the movie Georgia Rule for a short time in Harlan's car when Rachel chases after four girls.

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