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Eugenio Lopez, Jr.
Born Eugenio Lopez, Jr.
November 4, 1928(1928-11-04)
Iloilo City, Philippines
Died June 29, 1999(1999-06-29) (aged 70)
Quezon City, Philippines
Nationality Filipino
Other names Geny, ELJ
Occupation Chairman Emeritus of ABS-CBN
Known for Father of Philippine Broadcasting
Religion Roman Catholicism
Spouse Chita Lopez

Eugenio Lopez, Jr. (November 4, 1928 - June 29, 1999), popularly known as Geny and Kapitan, was the Chairman Emeritus of ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation.

Early life and career

His uncle, Fernando Lopez became Vice-President of the Philippines. His father, Eugenio Lopez, Sr., was the owner of the publication Manila Chronicle and Chronicle Broadcasting Network. His mother, Pacita Lopez, the wife of Don Eugenio Lopez Sr. In 1956, he purchased equipments for the radio and television in ABS-CBN which it is family owned. He would later lead this company as its President, until 1972.

When Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos declared martial law, curtailing the free press and had all media outlets shut down, Geny was imprisoned in Fort Bonifacio as a tactic by Marcos to acquire the properties of the Lopez family. While he was incarcerated, his mother alongside his family advocated for Geny's freedom. His father also died during this time.

In November 1974, he embarked on a hunger strike along with his cellmate, Serge Osmeña to protest the unjust detention of thousands of innocent Filipinos. This resulted in the release of 1,022 political prisoners in December 1974. Defiant to the very end, Osmeña and Lopez escaped from their maximum security prison cell in Fort Bonifacio in 1977. This exploit was enacted in the 1995 movie, Eskapo. After the 1986 People Power Revolution, he re-acquired ABS-CBN and re-established it to become a prominent media conglomerate in the Philippines.

He died of cancer in the morning of June 28, 1999 in Quezon City. Leaving the legacy as the "Father of Philippine Broadcasting". One of the buildings inside ABS-CBN was named after him as to show how much people from ABS-CBN pay tribute to the once known for them as "Kapitan". His son, Eugenio Lopez III became Chairman and CEO after his father's passing.

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