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Template:Apartheid Eugene de Kock is a former colonel of the South African Police force during Apartheid in South Africa. Dubbed "Prime Evil" by the media, he was the commander of C1 unit (Vlakplaas) of the South African Police counter-insurgency group, well known for killing dozens of anti-apartheid activists.[1]

De Kock first became prominent during his testimony in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, during which he made multiple revelations relating to ANC deaths. Eugene De Kock has also claimed that he will be released from prison via a presidential pardon in 2010. He has however been visited in 2010 by political party members of the old National Party that ruled South-Africa in the apartheid years. These members[who?] in return do not disclose what the discussions were.

De Kock has been interviewed a number of times by Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela, who ended up releasing a book, A Human Being Died That Night, about her interviews with De Kock, her time on the TRC, and what causes a moral person to become a killer.[2]

Prime evil

Nicknamed "prime evil", Eugene de Kock was sentenced to 212 years in jail for his part in crimes against humanity. The 89 charges included six murder charges.[3] He is still in prison.[4]


In a local radio interview in July 2007, De Kock claimed that former president FW de Klerk had hands "soaked in blood" and had ordered political killings and other crimes during the anti-apartheid conflict. This was in response to De Klerk's recent statements that he had a "clear conscience" regarding his time in office.[5]


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