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Ethnic Cleansing (2002) is a controversial computer game developed by Resistance Records, an underground music label owned by the National Alliance[1] specializing in Neo-Nazi and white supremacist bands. In the game, the protagonist (the player can choose either a skinhead or a Klansman) runs through a ghetto killing black people and Latinos, before descending into a subway system to kill Jews. Finally he reaches the "Jewish Control Center", where Ariel Sharon, former Prime Minister of Israel, is directing plans for world domination. The player must kill Sharon to win the game.

The game was developed using Genesis 3D, an open source game engine.


The Anti-Defamation League publicized the existence of the game and unsuccessfully lobbied the developers of Genesis3D to change their licensing conditions to prohibit the use of the engine to develop racist games.[2] They have also lobbied the Interactive Digital Software Association to encourage their members to adopt such policies.[3]

Stuff Magazine named Ethnic Cleansing the 40th most controversial video game of all time in January 2003.[citation needed]

A news report about the game appeared on the ABC news magazine 'Primetime'.[citation needed]

Sequels and similar games

A sequel called White Law was released by the same developer in June 2003 with a similar premise, where the player assumes the role of a police officer going postal. It, however, attracted much less attention than Ethnic Cleansing. Both 'White Law' and 'Ethnic Cleansing' can only be ordered directly from Resistance Records.

Another racist game, ZOG's Nightmare was made by Jim Ramm, a former NSM member. Both Ethnic Cleansing and ZOG's Nightmare 2 have similar premises. ZOG's Nightmare however, is much larger, having 8 levels instead of Ethnic Cleansing's two.

Initially, Resistance Records intended to create a similar line of games based on the events of the Turner Diaries, however only 'White Law' and 'Zog's Nightmare' have been released so far.



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