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Equal Marguerite ("Working and being a parent") is a European program with the following aim : to manage initiatives aimed at fighting discrimination and disparities on the labour market for parents.

"Equal" European program

The "Equal" programs are calls for European programs, co-funded by the ESF European Social Fund.

Acting against disparities between women and men

This program's aim is to join family life and labour life together, through childcare.


  • Childcare should be adapted to parents needs, keeping the children's interests in mind.
  • The jobs involved by Marguerite actions should not ones that exploit the parent.
  • Marguerite aims at building Equal opportunity for women and men.
  • Develop childcare solutions adapted to the parents' needs, and enable a social dialog about parenthood inside employers.

Actions and experiences

Several subjects being handled are :

  • Service development (intercompany nurseries, at home childcare, etc.)
  • Training

Equal Time

Marguerite takes place in a transnational partnership known as « EQUAL TIME ». The transnational activity is performed with :

  • in Italy, TEMPO, a program sponsored by the cities of Florence and Prato.
  • in Spain, CONCILIARAS, a program sponsored by the city of Alaquàs.

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