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The regent duke Charles (later king Charles IX) insulting the corpse of Klaus Fleming in the presence of Ebba Stenbock. Albert Edelfelt’s painting, 1878.

Ebba Gustavsdotter Stenbock (died 1614 in Finland) was a Swedish noble. She was the acting governor in Turku in 1597, in the period between the death of the former governor, her spouse, and before the installement of the successor. She was imprisoned for political reasons.

She was the sister of queen Katarina Stenbock, and married to Clas Eriksson Fleming, (1530-1597), governor of Finland, in 1573. She was described as a brave personality.

She was noted for her fearless conduct toward Duke Charles. Her spouse was one of the strongest supporters of Sigismund III Vasa and opposed to Charles IX of Sweden. After his death, Charles conquered Turku Castle from his widow Ebba Stenbock after the Cudgel War. Fleming was still not buried, and, according to legend, Charles had the coffin opened to reassure himself that Fleming was indeed dead. After having identified the face of Fleming, he was to have pulled Flemings beard with the words: "If you had been alive, your head would not have been safe", upon which Ebba Stenbock replied: "If my late husband was alive, Your Grace would never have been here." "[1]

Ebba Stenbock was placed in house arrest with her daughters, and later taken to Stockholm, were she was imprisoned. Her son Johan Flemming was executed in Turku in 1599.


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