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Dominopol (Template:Lang-uk) was an ethnic Polish village, in Reichskommissariat Ukraine's (now Volyn oblast, Ukraine, now located in Ukraine.

On July 11, 1943, at the height of the Massacres of Poles in Volhynia, the village was attacked by units of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army. All Poles caught by the Ukrainian nationalists, regardless of their age, were tortured and murdered. Number of victims is disputed, most sources put it at 60 families, which is around 490 people, including several children[1]. Most were killed by axes and knives. Other sources put the number of victims at 250 [2]. Afterwards, possessions of murdered Poles were looted by Ukrainian peasants, who also participated in the massacre, and the village was burned.

In 2002, due to efforts of Association of Poles Murdered in the East from Zamość, a commemorative cross was erected where once Dominopol was [3].


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