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Dionysis Savvopoulos, 2007.

Dionysis Savvopoulos (Template:Lang-el) (born 2 December 1944) is a Greek music composer, lyricist and singer.[1]

He was born in Thessaloniki. In 1963 he moved to Athens, terminating his law studies in favour of his career in music. He met great success since his early days as a musician and soon became very popular, both in Greece and abroad.

Savvopoulos has been noted for being politically active throughout his career in music. In 1967, Savvopoulos was imprisoned for his political convictions by the Greek military junta of 1967-1974, led by the dictator George Papadopoulos.

Most of his songs are written by himself (both lyrics and music). He is still singing but no longer composing (since his last CD "The Millennium"). Throughout his career he has sung Greek Rock, Laika (people's music) and Rebetika.

He is married to Aspasia Arapidou, and has two sons, Kornilios and Romanos.


Studio albums

  • 1966 Fortigho (Φορτηγό, Truck)
  • 1969 To perivoli tou trelou (Το περιβόλι του τρελού, The garden of the fool)
  • 1970 Ballos (Μπάλλος)
  • 1970 Vromiko psomi (Βρόμικο ψωμί, Dirty bread)
  • 1975 Deka chronia kommatia (Δέκα χρόνια κομμάτια, Ten years' pieces)
  • 1976 Happy day
  • 1977 Acharnaes (Αχαρνείς, Ο Αριστοφάνης που γύρισε από τα θυμαράκια)
  • 1979 Rezerva (Η Ρεζέρβα, The reserve)
  • 1983 Trapezakia exo (Τραπεζάκια έξω, Tables at the terrace)
  • 1989 To kourema (Το κούρεμα, The haircut)
  • 1994 Mi petaxis tipota (Μη πετάξεις τίποτα, Do not throw away a thing)
  • 1996 Parartima A (Παράρτημα 'Α, Appendix A)
  • 1997 To xenodochio (Το ξενοδοχείο, Hotel)
  • 1999 O chronopios (Ο χρονοποιός, The time-maker)
  • 2008 O Samanos (Ο Σαμάνος, The Shaman)

Live recordings

  • 1983 Ikosi chronia dromos (Είκοσι χρόνια δρόμος: ζωντανές ηχογραφήσεις, 20 years' road: live recordings)
  • 1988 O kyrios Savvopoulos efcharisti ton kyrio Hadjidaki kai tha'rthi opposdipote (Ο κύριος Σαββόπουλος ευχαριστεί τον κύριο Χατζιδάκι και θα' ρθει όπωσδηποτε, Mr. Savvopoulos thanks Mr. Hadjidakis and he will definitely come)
  • 1990 Anadromi 63-89 (Αναδρομή 63-89, Retrospective 63-89)
  • 2001 Savvorama (Σαββόραμα The vision of Savvopoulos)
  • 2007 O pyrinas (Ο πυρήνας, The nucleus)


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