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Template:PrimarysourcesDerechos Human Rights or Derechos humanos is an International human rights organization with their primary focus being on Latin America. [1] It was founded in 1995 as the first internet-based human rights organization. [2] Its focus include issues of impunity for human rights violations and has actively participated in the trials in Spain against Pinochet and other Chilean and Argentine human rights violators for their roles in the Dirty War. It coordinates Project Disappeared, an online memorial to the disappeared worldwide.

Derechos works with its sister organization Equipo Nizkor in Spain and is a member of the World Organization Against Torture and the Global Internet Liberty Campaign.

The core of Derechos is made up of members and volunteers who give their time and effort to fight for a world where human rights abuses are a thing of the past.[3] It was founded and is presided by Margarita Lacabe.


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