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Der rote Holocaust und die Deutschen: Die Debatte um das ' Schwarzbuch des Kommunismus' ("The Red Holocaust and the Germans: The debate over the Black Book of Communism") is a 1999 non-fiction book edited by Horst Möller and published by Piper Verlag. The book is a collection of articles by prominent European academics and journalists that discusses The Black Book of Communism and communist crimes against humanity. The Black Book of Communism had been published in German by Piper Verlag the year before.

The contributors include academics Stéphane Courtois, Waclaw Dlugoborski, Manfred Funke, Christian Geulen, Manfred Henningsen, Manfred Hildermeier, Eckhard Jesse, Tony Judt, Stefan Karner, Gerd Koenen, Konrad Löw, Heinrich Maetzke, Horst Möller, Jens Petersen, Jutta Scherrer, Alexander Schuller, and Heinrich August Winkler, as well as journalists Ulrike Ackermann, Thierry Chervel, Philippe Cusin, Francois Dufay, Richard Herzinger, Joachim Käppner, Thankmar von Münchhausen, Jean-François Revel, Christian Ruf, Albert Sellner, Christian Semler, Rudolf Walther, Nicolas Weill. They also include Volkhard Knigge and Joachim Gauck.


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