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Debagging (the name used in Britain, especially historically at the University of Oxford and Cambridge in England, and derived from Oxford bags, a loose-fitting baggy form of trousers), or pantsing (the American word for the act), also known as de-pantsing,[1] grogging, shanking, sharking, dekecking, kecking or drooping, is the pulling down of a person's trousers against their wishes, typically as a practical joke. The most common method is to sneak up behind the intended victim, grab the trousers waistband, and apply a quick downward tug before the victim is aware of the debagger's presence. Sometimes, the trousers are completely removed, and perhaps left somewhere embarrassing to reclaim.

The corresponding term in Australia is dakking or dacking, which originated from DAKS Simpson, a clothing brand that became a generic term for trousers and underpants. [2] In Scotland the process is often known as breeking from the word breeks meaning trousers. In New Zealand the act is known as giving someone a down trou in Ireland jocking Although this mainly refers to the act of placing one's foot on the trousers of the debbaged and pushing them, causing them to fall and for their trousers and maybe underpants to be removed.

De-pantsing is a common prank of pulling down a victim's pants. The prank commonly occurs in high school gym classes as a form of bullying.[3][4] Its most extreme form includes running the pants up the school flagpole.[5] Some US. colleges before World War 2 were the scenes of large scale depantsing scraps between freshman and sophomore males.[6] It is also an initiation rite in fraternities[7] and seminaries.[8] It was cited in 1971 by Gail Sheehy as a form of sexual assault against grade school girls, which did not commonly get reported, although it might include improper touching and indecent exposure by the perpetrators.[9] The United States legal system has prosecuted it as a form of sexual harassment of children.[10]

Debagging as bullying

Debagging can be used as a form of bullying, and is technically the crime of simple assault. The practice has been likened to a ritual emasculation. In 2007, British Secretary of State for Education and Skills Alan Johnson, in a speech to the NASUWT, criticized such bullying, and criticised YouTube for hosting a movie since removed of a teacher being debagged, saying that such bullying is causing some teachers to consider leaving the profession because of the defamation and humiliation they are forced to suffer and that Without the online approval which appeals to the innate insecurities of the bully, such sinister activities would have much less attraction.[11][12][13]

Juanita Ross Epp is highly critical of teachers who regard pupils debagging one another as normal behaviour, saying that debagging makes pupils feel intimidated and uncomfortable, and that normal is not the same as right.[14]

Debagging as sexual fetish

There is a sexual fetish subculture in this type of debagging which is known as sharking which means males pulling up or down females' clothing for sexual reasons. This is an illegal act in most parts of the world.

Videos of sharking are popular in Japan produced by Jade Phi company. It seems that not all females in the videos are actresses

Locus populations

Debagging is commonly performed in schools by both boys and girls, and is a popular form of attack.[15] Girls will collude with dominant boys in targeting weaker boys for debagging, and may also single out those boys that do not share attributes with the dominant male group without the help of or the instigation of boys.[15] Interestingly enough, however, higher class neighborhoods have shown that debagging can be a status symbol, with more popular or richer children being playfully debagged.


Angling: This variation is performed only on males. It is performed while the victim is using a urinal, and it involves both pants and underwear being pulled down to the ankles. As the victim is using the urinal, he cannot pull up his trousers immediately.

Ghosting. This is a special form of debagging where the trousers are pulled down slowly so that the victim does not realise they are being pantsed.

Swooping. This variation is performed on a running victim, usually on grass. The pants are pulled down in such a way that the victim is tripped and falls out of the pants, and/or underwear, as might be the case.

Birthday Buggin. This is more of a game played in some parts of Britain. On someone's birthday, the participants make themselves known. They must try to pants the birthday boy/girl before their day is up. If they succeed in the debagging, the victim must keep their trousers down for a minute for every year. If it is their twelfth birthday, the pants must be kept down for 12 minutes. Whoever fails in pantsing is themselves pantsed publicly.

In literature

New Zealand and Queensland pool

  • In New Zealand or Queensland pubs, if a pool player loses a game of eight ball without having sunk any of his target balls, then he may be required to drop his trousers in humiliation. Such an act is known as a down trou trou being short for trousers in New Zealand and a pantsing in Queensland.

In television and movies

  • In the MMORPG Club Penguin One Of the Card-Jitsu moves involves a suit suddenly appearing on the target penguin, with the penguin executing the move pantsing the target penguin to reveal briefs.
  • In the movie Inspector Gadget Inspector Gadget has his pants pulled down by Robogadget.
  • In the Horrid Henry TV show, Henry pantses All and Bert twice, revealing boxers and Ralph, revealing his briefs. They try to pants him in vengeance throughout the episode.
  • In the Friends episode The One with the Football, Ross pantses Monica while they are playing a game of touch football.
  • In the Danny Phantom episode What You Want, an invisible Tucker pantses Mr. Lancer. Also in the episode Parental Bonding Danny's pants turn intangible three times and fall down, revealing his boxers.
  • In The Rugrats Movie, Tommy Pickles's brother, Dil, grabs his diaper strap, making Tommy's diaper fall down completely.
  • In the American TV show King of the Hill episode 46 (To Spank with Love), Peggy Hill gets pantsed by a student named Dooley, leading her to spank him.
  • In "Xiaolin Showdown, Omi is pantsed by Raimundo, revealing a small towel, wrapped in the shape of briefs.
  • In the pilot episode of The Big Bang Theory, Leonard and Sheldon are pantsed by Penny's ex boyfriend when they attempt to retrieve her TV.
  • In the Family Guy episode The Tan Aquatic with Steve Zissou, Peter remembers a bully who often pantsed him, and once did so in reverse by pulling up Peter's pants in the restroom. Later in the episode, Peter, who has decided to become a bully, pantses his friend Cleveland.
  • In a deleted scene of Home Alone, Kevin is pantsed by his uncle.
  • In the episode "iHurt Lewbert" of iCarly, Sam tells Freddie that he should wear a belt and then pantses him revealing his orange boxers. In another episode, Freddie pulls off Spencer's pants by accident.
  • In one episode of Camp Lazlo, Edward pantses almost all of the campers. At the end, both Lazlo and Edward pants each other.
  • In the film Weird Science, the main characters are pantsed revealing their briefs.
  • In the movie Meatballs, several basketball players' shorts are pulled down.
  • In the Nickelodeon series Kablam!, one segment has Henry introducing the next cartoon, while June sneaks up on him and pulls his pants down, showing his colorful underwear.
  • In one episode of the Monster Allergy TV series, Zick has his pants accidentally pulled down by his friend Elena.
  • In the beginning of the film Anger Management, a boy is pantsed of his running shorts and underpants.
  • In the film Underclassman, one character has his shorts pulled down by the Nick Cannon character during a basketball game.
  • In the film Click, Adam Sandler's character freezes time and pulls a man's pants down, revealing his red swimsuit.
  • In an episode of Codename:Kids Next Door, the Delightful Children From Down The Lane have their pants taken off by the rest of the gang, but their underwear is not shown as they run embarrassed.
  • In the episode "Dropping Trou" of 7th Heaven Ruthie pulls down Martin's pants in the middle of the school hallway.
  • In the episode "Abra And The Psychic Showdown" from Pokémon, Ash Ketchum's pants are pulled down with Telekinesis by Sabrina's father, revealing white boxer briefs.
  • In the film The Notebook, Ryan Gosling's character gets his pants pulled down.
  • In the 6teen episode Deck the Mall Stanley Mummy pulls Jonesy's tights down, revealing tiger briefs after flirting with his mom, causing Jonesy to get fired. Also in Enter the Dragon, Jonesy challenges Darth to a match then knocks his lightsaber away then pantses him revealing that he tucks his shirt into his underwear.
  • In Xiaolin Showdown, Omi is pantsed numerous times. In the pilot episode of the show, he is pantsed revealing a towel, wrapped in the shape of briefs. In another episode, he is pantsed revealing ordinary briefs. In another, he is pantsed revealing the towel again. In another, the towel is pink. In another, he is wearing string round his waist, with a piece of paper covering his genitalia.
  • In Space Jam, one of the Monsters has his basketball shorts pulled down during the basketball game.
  • In season 5 episode 18 from Will & Grace Will gets his pants pulled down by Jack, revealing his gray boxer briefs.
  • In the Total Drama Island episode Who Can You Trust?, Gwen is pantsed by Heather during a challenge revealing her purple underwear.
  • In That 70's Show Kelso is pantsed on live TV that is supposed to be a 'burn'. In another episode Eric pantses Donna while playing basketball revealing her granny panties. And in another episode Kelso pantses Jackie in a dream sequence.
  • In the movie Table for Three, Brandon Routh gets his pants pulled down while fighting.
  • In the Total Drama Action episode One Flu Over the Cuckoos, Duncan pantses Harold revealing his red thong underwear from TDI.
  • In the movie Barely Legal, the boys are pantsed while hanging.
  • In the Stoked episode Waves of Cheese, Andrew "Bummer" is pantsed by two unruly children, revealing briefs with the hotel mascot WipeOut on them.Also in episode 8 Reef gets his shorts pulled down by Fin revealing his cojones but they are pixel-censored
  • In Happy Tree Friends the television series, Shifty pantses Splendid while he's wearing an anti-radioactivity suit, exposing him to Kryptonut, his weakness.
  • In a leaked alternate ending of an episode of the Horrid Henry TV show, Henry is pantsed by Ralph, wearing his frilly underpants (a gift from his Aunt, who thinks he is a girl) that he accidentally put on in the rush of the morning. In another alternate ending for that episode (there are four) Henry pantses himself in front of Ralph, All and Bert (who have been trying to pants him the entire episode) privately, in an ally, and begs with them (with his trousers at his ankles) to pants him the next day, where he will be wearing "Normal" underpants. But Ralph takes a picture of Henry and distributes it amongst the school. In another alternate ending, Henry flees from Al, Ralph and Bert by climbing a tree. But his shirt gets caught on a branch, leaving him hanging, unable to get down. He is pantsed by Ralph, and he is trapped. His school mates take pictures. In the final alternate ending, Henry hides the underpants in the bathroom, leaving him without underwear. Then, later on, Al pantses him, leaving him naked in front of the school ground. In this scene, neither Henry's genitalia or buttocks are shown.
  • In the movie Forces of Nature Ben Affleck gets his trousers pulled down by Sandra Bullock at a gay bar.
  • In "Horrid Henry", the TV series, Rude Ralph is pantsed, revealing his white briefs, decorated with pink love hearts, while he is using the urinal, so he cannot pull them up straight away. In vengeance, he pantses Henry at swimming lessons, revealing his buttocks (Henry covers his privates with his hands) and pushes him in the pool. In another episode, Henry ties Stuck-Up Steve's Pajama Bottoms to the bed, so when he runs down the stairs they are pulled off, causing Steve to cover his genitalia with his pajama top. Ralph does the same to Henry in a sleepover with Al, Bert and himself. In vengeance, Henry pantses Ralph at school and pulls his shirt over his head, so he must take that off before pulling his trousers off.
  • In Flushed Away, Roddy accidentally pantses Rita while trying to hold on so that he doesn't fall.
  • In the Disney XD series I'm in the Band a few characters lose their pants several times throughout the series.
  • In Blackadder Goes Forth we learn that "the ritual debagging in the officers' mess" is a tradition inflicted on staff officers being transferred to the front line.
  • In Reggie Perrin, Nicola loses her job as a teacher after debagging a boy in her school.
  • In the Disney XD series Pair of Kings, Brady and Boomer lose their pants several times throughout the series.
  • In an episode of Fairy Tail, Erza takes Lucy's belt causing her skirt to fall down in front of everyone.

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