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David Romero Ellner is a Honduran journalist, former congressman. In 2004 he was sentenced to ten years in prison for raping his daughter.


Romero Ellner is the grandson of Jewish immigrant from Czechoslovakia.[1]


Romero Ellner was a leader of the Movimiento de Izquierda Revolucionaria (MRI, Revolutionary Left Movement).[2]

Romero Ellner was formerly a Liberal party congressman.

Rape conviction

Romero Ellner was charged with raping his daughter.[3] On 30 July 2002 Romero Ellner was stripped of his parliamentary immunity.[4]

He pleaded guilty to raping his daughter, following a plea bargain, and was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2004.[5]

Anti Jewish outburst

In 2009, after Zelaya's comments that "Israeli mercenaries" were torturing him with toxic gases and radiation that alter his physical and mental state, Romero Ellner accused Jews of being a problem in Honduras and also said to his radio listeners that "I believe it should have been fair and valid to let Hitler finish his historic vision". he accused Jews of being a problem in Honduras and also spoke in favour of the Holocaust to his radio listeners.[6][7] Zelaya stated in response, "I condemn that kind of racism and discrimination. I don't share that point of view."[1] The Association of Descendants of Sephardic Jews in Honduras issued a public statement against Romero Ellner.[8]


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