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The Date Safe Project is an anti-sexual assault organization in the United States which provides prevention materials and advocacy programs for middle schools, high schools, universities, community organizations, and the United States Military. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, The Date Safe Project addresses consent, sexual assault awareness, bystander intervention, and support for survivors of rape.

The non-profit organization was formed by activist Mike Domitrz in 2003 after his sister was sexually assaulted.[1]


The Date Safe Project is committed to teaching youth and adults that “asking first” makes a difference in creating safer intimacy and decreasing occurrences of sexual assault. They teach how a better understanding of consent leads to healthier dating and to a greater awareness of the issues surrounding human sexuality and sexual assault.

The Date Safe Project also operates an affiliated organization, Awareness Publications, which focuses on publishing educational materials for raising sexual assault awareness and reducing domestic violence.

Current Advocacy Materials

Voices of Courage Project [2]

12 survivors of sexual assault share their journeys from being raped to now living as survivors.  This resource is available in paperback and in audio files (the survivors read their own chapters to the listener).  The awareness of sexual assault provided by survivors aids in prevention and eradication of sexual violence and/or support survivors of sexual assault.


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