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Darryl Takizo YAGI (ヤギ・ダリル・タキゾウ YAGI Darryl Takizō; born in 1943?) is known as a school counselor, and Professor of Hyogo University of Teacher Education (HUTE:National university in JAPAN).

He graduated from University of California, Berkeley in 1965; Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology at California State University, Chico in 1968; and master of arts degree in Special Education at Sonoma State University in 1976.

From 1968, he worked as a School Counselor, at Willows Unified School District, and Old Adobe Union School District, Petaluma Junior High School, California. From 2006, he works as a Professor of HUTE.

He is the author of "The School Counseling (スクールカウンセリング入門 アメリカの現場に学ぶ Sukūru kaunseringu nyūmon : amerika no genba ni manabu ISBN 978-4326298594 ?)", published by Keisō Shobō.

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