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CrisisLink, founded in 1969 as the Northern Virginia Hotline, is a community-based non-profit organization serving the greater Washington, DC, region and dedicated to crisis prevention, intervention and response.[1][2] Since its founding, CrisisLink has answered more than half a million crisis calls, responded to over 20,000 potential suicides and provided over a quarter of a million referrals.

Founded as a hotline for Arlington teenagers, CrisisLink was formally incorporated in February 1970 as the Northern Virginia Hotline and began round-the-clock hotline coverage. In 1999, the organization changed its name to CrisisLink to reflect an extended mission and range of crisis services.

Every day, CrisisLink works to meet the community mental health and crisis response needs of people throughout the greater Washington region. A core focus of CrisisLink's mission is to help individuals who are facing immediate crisis, while empowering individuals and communities to help themselves and others in the future. Through its programs and services, CrisisLink prevents crisis situations before they can occur, and helps de-escalate and stabilize individuals who are in crisis and facing their darkest hours.

Individuals considering suicide, facing a life crisis, or seeking community-based mental health resources in the DC area can call CrisisLink's free, confidential 24/7 Hotlines at 703-527-4077. CrisisLink also answers calls made by Northern Virginia and DC residents to 1-800-273-TALK and 1-800-SUICIDE.


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