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Chima Simone (born Chima Simone Benson) is a freelance journalist from West Hollywood, California, best known as a former contestant on Big Brother 11.[1] She is also known for surviving an attack by the Bathtub Killer. [2] in which her story was recounted in the true crime cable television show Cold Case Files episode.[3]


Simone has been a journalist for several television networks, including BET, MTV and The CW.[4] She has also been a backstage interviewer for the BET Awards[5]

Simone is currently working as an entertainment reporter with the Hollyscoop Show, a celebrity gossip television series and website similar to TMZ. The show, which debuted Sunday, August 30, 2009 on KTLA, is based on the website of the same name.[6] She has most recently begun coverage of Season 12 of Big Brother for entertainment news web site The Wrap currently syndicated on MSN. [7] [8]

Rape Survivor

In 1999, a serial rapist, Dale Devon Scheanette, brutally attacked and raped Simone. Simone fought back and was one of the women who survived the numerous attacks that Scheanette committed. Simone was instrumental in identifying him as the culprit and she testified in the sentencing phase of Scheanette's trial. He was sentenced to death by lethal injection. Due to her injuries suffered during to the attack, she had to undergo two reconstructive surgeries. Simone was known to be his final victim.[2]

Simone discussed the event during her appearance on Big Brother. Her story was also profiled on an episode of Cold Case Files.[3]

Big Brother

Simone was a contestant on the eleventh season of the American version of the reality show Big Brother.

Simone was helped through the audition process due to the fact that she knew ex-presenter and former contestant of the show, Marcellas Reynolds. She was let onto the show, despite having numerous television appearances prior.[9]

During her time as a contestant on the show, Simone was expelled from the show by producers, who alleged that Simone had violated several of show's rules,[1] including by refusing to wear her microphone and later destroying her microphone by throwing it into the jacuzzi.[10] Simone refutes the expulsion, explaining she wanted to leave in several statements issued upon her departure.[11][12][13][14]


Simone was nominated in the best Best Villain category at the Fox Reality Really Awards.[15]

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