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Template:Family law A contact centre is a place where a non-resident parent may have supervised (or supported) contact with his or her children. Its primary role is to support and promote contact between those parents, grandparents, guardians and children that do not have a Residence Order (non-resident parent).

Use of a contact centre may be ordered by a family court in cases where:

United Kingdom

The centres are local projects, run by charities such as Family Mediation and the WRVS, or local churches and are not statutory institutions. The first contact centres in Scotland opened in 1988. There are more than 280 contact centres throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Families are referred by the courts, CAFCASS officers, family mediators and social workers.


Children's Contact Services (CCS) are funded under the Government of Australia's "Family Relationship Services Program" (FRSP). The services help with handover of children and also provide supervised contact.

At 1 February 2004 there were 35 FRSP-funded Children's Contact Services and a number of non-Australian Government funded services.

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