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Child Helpline International (CHI) is a global network of telephone helplines and outreach services for children and young people. Working in over 150 countries, CHI was founded on the belief that children and young people have rights, and that they alone are the best individuals to identify their problems. As an organisation devoted to securing children's rights, CHI is committed to maintaining the spirit of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).


To strengthen and develop helplines for children and young people, Child Helpline International (CHI) was launched in October 2003 in Amsterdam. It was inaugurated by the Chair of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child.


  • CHI aims to respond to children in need of care and protection, throughout the world and to make their needs and feelings known to policy and decision makers nationally and internationally.
  • CHI works actively at the international level with funding agencies, children's based networks, child protection agencies, corporate federations and telecommuncation organisations to support national helplines as a mean for child protection.
  • CHI facilitates the sharing of information, experience and resources amongst child helplines. The guiding principle of CHI is to ensure that regional level expertise is utilised and that each country develops its own unique helpline model.


In 2004, Jeroo Billimoria served as Executive Director of CHI. She is now the Chair of the Daily Board.

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