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Chicken Hawk: Men Who Love Boys
Directed by Adi Sideman
Produced by Adi Sideman
Written by Adi Sideman, Nadav Harel
Narrated by Barbara Adler, Mimi Turner
Cinematography Nadav Harel
Release date(s) Template:Start date
Running time 55 minutes
Country USA
Language English

Chicken Hawk: Men Who Love Boys is a 1994 documentary produced, written and directed by Adi Sideman. In the film, members of the pedophile/pederasty advocacy organization North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) discuss why they support sexual relationships between men and boys below the age of consent. The film helped raise awareness of the group.[1][2] A "chickenhawk," in gay slang, refers to a man who prefers sex with underage boys.


The film describes the organization and its history. The film attempts to provide context by discussing Ancient Greek pederasty. It presents a series of interviews with NAMBLA members. They describe their feelings regarding young boys and justifications for these relationships. A camera follows a group of NAMBLA members as they participate in the 1993 March on Washington for Lesbian, Gay and Bi Equal Rights and Liberation. They give reasons why NAMBLA should be included in the gay rights movement, to the disapproval of other attendees. According to a 2002 Intermountain Jewish News article, the July 8, 1994 edition of Newsday reported poet and free speech advocate Allen Ginsberg, NAMBLA's most famous member and defender[1], appeared in the documentary and read a "graphic ode to youth".[3]


Release and reception

The premiere at the New York Underground Film Festival was met with controversy. Demonstrators, pedophiles and representatives from Straight Kids USA made the event contentious. The film was banned in some cities.[2] Stephen Holden of The New York Times wrote that the "crude documentary ... has an inflammatory title that belies its even-handed portrait of the North American Man/Boy Love Association."[5] According to Sideman, he is often invited to speak at psychology, sociology and criminology departments nationally, in conjunction with screenings of the film. The FBI's lead pedophile hunter has also screened the film.[2] At the 10th annual New York Underground Film Festival, in 2003, the film was screened again.[2]

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