CeeCee Lyles (November 26, 1967 - September 11, 2001) was an American flight attendant on UA Flight 93. 15 mins after the plane took off from Newark, it was hijacked by 4 al-Qaeda operatives, Ziad Jarrah the hijacker-pilot, and his 3 muscle hijackers Ahmed Al-Haznawi, Saeed Al-Ghamdi, and Ahmed Al-Nami ( who had a bomb strapped to his waist ). Jarrah's target was the U.S. Capital Building, however, the passengers tried to take the plane back, and while doing so, Jarrah crashed the plane into a field in Stony Creek Pennsylvania, killing everyone on board.

Work on 9/11

CeeCee only recently became a FA from quitting her job as a police officer. She did not have much knowledge as a FA, but got good training. However, while working as a police officer, she'd meet her future husband Lorne Lyles, in 2000. She convinced him to become a police disptacher. However, she later quit her job as a cop, ( while her husband Lorne becomes a cop himself ) and became a FA. On September 11th, 2001, Lyles was assigned to flight attend UA Flight 93 from Newark to San Francisco. 15 mins after the plane took off, 4 men wearing red headbands and carrying knives ( most likely box cutters ), grab FA Deborah Welsh, and force her to get the pilots to open the cockpit, once she obeyed, 2 men, Ziad Jarrah and Ahmed Al-Hawaiian, storm the cockpit and kill both pilots. CeeCee begins to start frantically crying. It is said that Haznawi stabbed Welsh, but she did not die, she was just injured. Saeed Al-Ghamdi then grabs Lyles and tells her to shut up, and holds the box cutter to her throat. She then obeys, and hides somewhere at the rear of the plane, possibly behind a curtain ( where she remains until the crash ). She then calls her husband Lorne, but he doesn't answer. About 20 mins later, she calls Lorne again, and he answers. "She says, 'listen baby, my plane has been hijacked, it's United 93.' At first I thought she was joking, but the shallow breathing told me otherwise", Lorne says in an interview. CeeCee will remain on the phone with Lorne for the remaining of the flight, up until the incident. "She then told me that the passengers were planning on going into the cockpit, she said she hoped to see our faces again ( CeeCee referring to Lorne and their kids; CeeCee was the stepmom of 2 boys ). She then said they were going into the cockpit, and I heard screaming, and finally the connection was lost, and..and, that was the last time I ever heard from her, I learned about her plane on the television." The passengers tried to take back the airplane, and Ziad Jarrah crashed the plane into a field in Stony Creek, Pennsylvania, killing CeeCee, and everyone on board.

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