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Carlos Alfredo de Brito, GCIH (born Mozambique, February 9, 1933) is a Portuguese politician. He joined the illegal Portuguese Communist Party (PCP) during the fascist New State regime (1932-1974), by whom he was imprisoned.

In the presidential election of 1980, he was the Communist Party candidate, but withdrew shortly before the elections in support of the incumbent President, General António Ramalho Eanes,[1] who was facing a stiff challenge from the right-wing António Soares Carneiro. He served in the Assembly of the Republic until 1991.

He later became a reform member of the PCP, and was suspended due to his criticism, being spared to expelling in attention to his many and historical services. He supported Manuel Alegre, the independent Socialist candidate, in the presidential elections of 2006.

He married the notable former PCP militant Zita Seabra and had two daughters: Ana and Rita de Seabra Roseiro de Brito.



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