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The Canisius-Kolleg (CK) is a coeducational, private and Catholic Gymnasium in Berlin, Germany directed by the Jesuits. The school is named for Saint Petrus Canisius. It is known as one of Berlin's most prestigious schools.[1]


The school is located in a central but also very calm area next to a large park called "Tiergarten". It is surrounded by many embassies like Japan's and Saudi Arabia's and also other political and economic organizations like CDU's headquarters and KPMG.


After finishing school, former students sometimes retain connections. All former pupils of the Aloisiuskolleg, Kolleg St. Blasien and the Canisius-Kolleg Berlin can contact each other and see current addresses in the data base at Stellaner webpage.

Allegations of child sexual abuse

In 2004 and 2005 two former students of the school told the headmaster of the school that they had been sexually abused by two of their former teachers. In December 2009 and January 2010 two other boys contacted the headmaster and claimed the same about the same teachers. The headmaster decided to write a letter to all former students in which he stated that he was deeply sorry for what happened. An investigative report detailing allegations of substantial abuse was released in 2010.[2]

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