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Brooks Douglass
Born Brooks Douglass
1963 (Age 48)
22x20px United States
Occupation Business man, Film producer, Actor, Professional Educator,

Brooks Douglass is an American film producer and actor,[1][2][3] lawyer, businessman, and former state senator in Oklahoma.[2]

Legislative career

When only 27, Douglass was elected as the youngest State Senator to serve in Oklahoma in 1990. His signature legislation was a bill championing the rights of crime victims in 1992.[2]

Film career

Douglass produced and acted in the 2010 film, Heaven's Rain. [4][5] In the film, Douglass portrayed his own father who had been brutally murdered in 1979.[1]

Heaven's Rain is a film based on the October 15, 1979 murder of his parents, Dr. Richard Douglass, Marilyn Sue Douglass, and the attempted murders of Brooks and his sister Leslie. His father served as pastor of Putnam City Baptist Church and the family resided in Okarche, Oklahoma. Two drifters, Glen Ake and Steven Hatch entered their home, tied the family, including Brooks—then 16—stole $43, then took 12 year-old Leslie into the bedroom where Ake then Hatch both raped her. They then shot all four family members killing the parents and leaving the two siblings for dead. The movie recounts the brutal story as a backdrop against which a story of forgiveness emerges through the lives of Brooks and Leslie, both of whom have excelled in their respective careers, he as a state legislator, businessman, producer and actor; she as a professional educator.[1][2][3][4][6][7]

On June 11, 2011, Douglass and his sister Leslie appeared on Huckabee to talk about how they had come to forgive their parent's killers through their Christian faith.


Oklahoma Baptist University

B.S., Baylor University

MBA,and JD, Oklahoma City University

MPA, Harvard Kennedy School of Government [2]


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