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Booze Britain is a fly-on-the-wall television series produced by Granada and airing on British satellite TV channel Bravo in half-hour episodes documenting the binge drinking culture of various towns and cities in the United Kingdom. Typically the program follows a group of friends as they indulge in an evening drinking heavily in various establishments usually in their own town or city, police officers fining and arresting people for various alcohol related incidents and also paramedics who are called out to handle the consequences of drunkenness. The narration by Mark Womack provides alcohol-related statistics and comments on medical issues raised by the scenes depicted.

The show is in its second series, subtitled Binge Nation. So far, the team has been in numerous places in the country.

Notably, in one episode it showed how the effects of alcohol can have one's behaviour. The most watched episode[citation needed], in Newquay depicts the events of a nights out involving "The Tanks" (Sam, Jonny, Ned, Roy, Steve and James). It gets out of hand when Sam drinks a pint of urine, throws it up, only for Jonny to finish the remains.

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