Dream Focus Dream Focus 30 July 2012

9 year old beats babies


Example of someone who enjoys hurting others, and then when one tries to call for help, he touches them constantly and gets close while pretending to comfort them so they can't speak. One parent noticed injuries on their child, and reported it, the security cameras in the daycare showing what he was doing.

The mother said "He bad. He fight kids, but he don't fight little babies. He do also have a problem, he take medicine every day. He just a normal child."

The woman believes this is normal, and isn't bothered by this at all. Proof once again why we should require parenting tests before anyone is allowed to have children…

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EliseMellark EliseMellark 29 March 2012

This One User...

There's this one user on the HG wiki, and he's really annoying/being mean to me. I won't mention their name. They always act like they are a chat mod, but they're not. Please help!

Could somebody help me? Give me some advice? Thanks.

✿ Emma aka Elise aka Mrs. Mellark aka The Awesome One aka Durf aka me :) ✿

Report it to the administrators on that wiki. You can also click "help" at the bottom toolbar of the wiki you are having problems at, and call a staff member if the administrators don't help you. Only click it when on the wiki you are reporting a problem though. Dream Focus 12:38, April 5, 2012 (UTC)
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