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Befrienders Worldwide is a charity that helps people worldwide who are tempted to suicide or despair. They listen without judging people or telling them what to do. If there is someone to listen, this can sometimes keep a person alive who might otherwise die. Frequently, suicidal people focus on a difficulty or something that causes them suffering, till finding a solution or a way of getting through it becomes hard. People can talk to a befriender confidentially, while feeling safe and get things into proportion. [1]

Befrienders Worldwide has no political religious or sectarian affiliations and the beliefs of volunteers are not imposed onto callers. Experienced volunteers select, train and supervise other volunteers as do professional experts when needed. Individual member centres support each other and share information.

The World Health Organisation estimates that one million people kill themselves worldwide every year and, for each 'successful' suicide, there are estimated to be 20 suicide attempts.

There is a list of national organisations, so people can find help from others in their own countries, for example people in the UK can find a link to the The Samaritans. [2] There is information about depression, mood swings and other problems. [3] [4]


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