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Battery may refer to:

  • Battery (electricity), electrochemical cells to produce electricity
  • Battery (crime), contact with another in a manner likely to cause bodily harm
    • Battery (tort), intentional harmful or offensive contact with a person under civil law
  • Artillery battery, an organized group of artillery pieces; also gun battery with similar groupings on warships
  • Battery position, the stage of operation of a Firearm action where the mechanism is ready to fire and the operating components are correctly present in their respective positions
    • Out-of-battery, the discharge of a weapon before the action has returned to the normal firing position


In entertainment

Other uses

  • Battery (drink), a brand of beverage
  • Battery (baseball), collectively, the pitcher and catcher
  • Battery cage, a confinement system for egg-laying chickens
  • Battery (chess), a tactic consisting of placing two or more pieces on the same rank, file, or diagonal
  • "Battery" (also "stamp battery" or stamp mill), a type of mill that crushes material by pounding
  • "Batteries" or "OCaml Batteries Included", a community-built development platform for the OCaml programming language.

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