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Arthur A. Dole is an American psychologist. He is a board member of the International Cultic Studies Association's board of directors[1]. He is also a member of the Editorial Review Board of the peer reviewed academic journal, the Cultic Studies Review[2].

Dole is a professor of psychology and education, at the University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Education, Division of Psychology and Education[3]. In 1992, Dole was inducted into the group of faculty at University of Pennsylvania who have served more than twenty-five years, the "Twenty-five Year Club"[4].

Dole contributed a chapter to the comprehensive work The Psychology of Terrorism, Volume III: Theoretical Understandings and Perspectives. Responding directly to 9/11, which is a multi-volume set[5]. The Psychology of Terrorism is used as a reference work at several educational institutions, including the University of Virginia[6], The American Political Science Association[7], and the University of Pennsylvania[8].



Author of following books: Senior Papers[9] A Few Small Candles[10] by Larry Gara (Editor), Lenna Mae Gara (Editor)


  • 2005 "Psychological Manipulation, Cultic Groups, and Other Alternative Movements", International Cultic Studies Association, and The Psychology Faculty, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Madrid, Spain, July 14–16, 2005
  • 2002 "Understanding Cults and New Religious Movements: Perspectives of Researchers, Professionals, Former Members, and Families", June 14–15, 2002, Orlando, Florida
  • 2001 "Cults, Conversion, Science and Harm", New York City, New York, May 4–5, 2001
  • 1999 Conference: "Cults, Psychological Manipulation & Society", Minneapolis, MN, May 14–19, 1999
  • 1997 Symposium - "Theory and Cults: In search of the Perfect Explanation", Discussant, May, 1997

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