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Anonymously Yours
Directed by Gayle Ferraro
Produced by Gayle Ferraro
Music by Claudio Ragazzi
Editing by Keiko Deguchi
Release date(s) 2002
Running time 88 minutes
Language English

Anonymously Yours is a documentary film by director Gayle Ferraro, released in 2002. It documents widespread abuse and exploitation of women through sexual slavery in Myanmar. It was filmed secretly in November 2000 on location in Myanmar, with interviews with prostitutes, their families and social workers. The film was then smuggled out of the country.[1]

The film follows four women trapped in the sex trade. The film is notable also for describing the practice of dunking prostitutes into leech-filled pools for hours, then removing them and harvesting the leeches, which are sold as a delicacy. Women are used instead of animals for this practice because the animals are considered too valuable. In addition, under-age prostitution, sex slavery, sex tourism and human trafficking are also discussed.


Awards received by Anonymously Yours[2]

  • American Psychological Assn. honoree
  • American Film Institute Film Festival honoree
  • Montreal World Film Festival honoree
  • Boston Intl. Film Festival honoree
  • One World Film Festival (Prague) honoree
  • Athens Intl. Film Festival honoree
  • Full Frame Documentary Film Festival honoree
  • Amnesty Intl. Traveling Film Festival honoree
  • United Nations Assn. Film Festival honoree


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