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Template:Infobox actor Angela Rose is an American activist, musician, and documentary film producer, best known for her work as the Founder and Executive Director of the national nonprofit PAVE: Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment.


Rose made headlines when she was kidnapped from a shopping mall when she was seventeen years old. The man who abducted her was on parole for murder when he committed the crime. From this tragic story emerged one of the nation’s most passionate and impactful advocates for the prevention of sexual violence. Since her ordeal, Angela has lobbied for laws for victims and has promoted the importance of education on issues of sexual violence as well as the need to engage men in the movement. In regard to television interviews, Rose has appeared the Montel Williams Show, John Walsh Show, and newscasts across the country. Rose presents workshops and gives speeches at conferences, military trainings, and on college campuses.

PAVE: Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment

Rose founded PAVE: Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment in 2001.[1] PAVE uses education and action to shatter the silence of sexual violence. PAVE's work has been illustrated on CNN and The Today Show. PAVE has created educational programming and tools as well as grassroots action campaigns. Rose produced a documentary called Transition to Survivor in which sexual assault survivors tell their powerful and emotional stories, from reporting the crimes to dealing with the aftermath of the violence. By watching the film and discussing it afterwards, students learn why many people choose not to report their attacks. They learn why sexual violence is too often a “silent crime.” In the film, one woman talks about how blocking her memories, becoming anorexic and turning to self-mutilation to ease the emotional pain. Another breaks into tears on camera and confesses serious thoughts of suicide. Eventually all the survivors got help through counseling, friends, and family support. [2] In terms of activism, PAVE's Survivor Justice Campaign has been instrumental in bringing awareness to egregious acts of misconduct towards victims of sexual assault throughout the criminal justice process.

Binding Project

Through PAVE, Rose launched the Binding Project: Breaking Old Binds, Creating New Ties. The Binding Project is an international art empowerment campaign where participants write a word of empowerment on plastic zip ties, one to wear and one to send back to PAVE to be included in an installation art piece. This project was launched on the anniversary of the day Rose was abducted - the zip ties were what was used to bind her hands behind her back when she was kidnapped. [3]


  • Moxie Award, ICASA, 2007
  • Do the Right Thing Award, Ameriquest, June 2006
  • Undergraduate Excellence Award, UW-Madison, September 2001
  • Louise Troxell Leadership Award, University of Wisconsin, Madison, May 2000
  • Peacemaker of the Year Award, Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice, April 2000


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