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Ahatovići massacre
Location Ahatovići, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Date 2 June 1992 (Central European Time)
Target Bosniaks
Attack type Mass Killing
Deaths 47-50
Perpetrators Republika Srpska Army

Ahatovići massacre refers to a massacre committed by the Serbs of 47-50 Bosniaks from the village of Ahatovići, in the municipality of Novi Grad, Sarajevo during the Bosnian War.[1][2]


On June 2, 1992 the village was attacked after heavy shelling by the Republika Srpska Army. Sixty-four Bosniaks men and boys aged 15–75 were taken prisoner. They were held for days, tortured and on June 14, 1992 put on a bus after being told that they would be part of a prisoner exchange. Once the bus arrived at the village of Sokoline the Serbs fired on the bus with automatic weapons and threw grenades in. 47 of the men were killed and eight survived by hiding under the bodies of their fellow prisoners.[3][1] In 1996, about 50 bodies were exhumed.[2]

The atrocity was overlooked until 2001 when a Dutch TV channel made a documentary about the massacre. The program was entitled Good Husband, Dear Son and visited the village. Survivors of the massacre were interviewed about the war and their lives before and after.


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