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Aaron Vargas, of Fort Bragg, California, was arrested in February 2010 for killing alleged 63 year old alleged child rapists Darrel McNeill.

Many people had reported to the police that they were raped as children by McNeill, but the police did nothing. Others came forward after the killing to report they had been abused also.

Vargas, now age 32, said McNeill had abused him beginning at the age of 11, and continued to do so for almost two decades. The first abuse happened when the older man took him on a fishing trip. Mindy Galliani, the sister of Aaron Vargas, was on the Today Show and stated “I believe that McNeill had mental control over Aaron. It was like he was holding him mentally captive for 20 years. Aaron could not escape him. He was a scared little boy around McNeill.”

McNeill offered to babysit Vargas's daughter, he fearful he'd abuse her, so he went and shot the guy in the chest, killing him.

Those living in the town have held rallies and demonstrations, and produced T-shirts, bumper stickers, and buttons saying Vargas should be freed.

Because of this attention, the prosecutors of Mendocino County have decided not to pursue a first-degree murder charge against him, but instead will will accept his plea to a voluntary manslaughter charge. His sentencing takes place in June of 2011.

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