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The 2008 child pornography raid occurred in February 2008, when authorities around the globe raided the homes of suspects in possession of child pornography in the U.S. states of Virginia, Florida, Oregon, Indiana, Texas, Connecticut, Washington, California, Idaho and North Carolina, as well as in the countries of Australia, Canada, Germany and England. Altogether fourteen US-citizens, who were part of a well-organized child porn ring, were arrested, FBI and United States Department of Justice announced March 4, 2008.

The "vast child exploitation enterprise" that included graphic images, such as ones showing toddlers engaged in various sexual and sadistic acts; traded in child porn since 2006. It may take years for authorities to find the victims, only 20 of the children seen in the images have been identified and rescued so far.

If found guilty, the suspects could face sentences ranging from 20 years-to-life imprisonment.[1]


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